How to choose a disposable underpad


It is not complicated to choose a disposable bottom pad. Just choose the absorption, backsheet material and size you want. Almost any health clinic, hospital or hospice care center has a disposable pad that can provide a variety of sizes, absorbabilities and capabilities to meet patient needs and financial status. Absorbent pads are necessary to keep urine, feces or any body fluids from damaging skin, soiled sheets, stained furniture or floors (they are not only suitable for incontinence, but also for pets used as urinal pads). When choosing a disposable bottom, it is important to consider absorption, wicking, backsheet material and size.


Step 1: Determine the required absorption

The fluff pad is light absorbing and is suitable for changing pads or pet pads.

The polymer mat contains a highly absorbent polymer that facilitates moderate to superabsorbent capabilities.

The polymer and fluff combination pads are softer and more comfortable for medium to super absorbent needs.

Refer to the manufacturer's ability to describe the moisture absorption of the mat, which keeps the urine away from the surface of the mat and does not harm the patient's skin.

Absorption refers to the amount and concentration of water-absorbing polymer contained in the bottom pad. The higher the concentration of polymer and polymer, the stronger the absorption capacity. Larger liners do not always contain more absorbent polymer, so a disposable bottom is chosen based on its absorbent capacity rather than just its size.

When selecting the level of absorption, consider the volume and flow rate at which the fluid landed on the mat. Very small pets produce only a small amount of volume and flow rate, and a light absorbing pad may be sufficient. Potty training for children may require a moderate absorption pad, while adults experiencing complete bladder loss will require heavy to superabsorbent pads. Certain factors may allow the use of a moderate absorbent pad if the person is painted and replaced periodically. However, if you are using a medium absorbent pad and it is not enough, don't double them. The most effective solution is to use the right absorbency according to your needs.

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Step 2: Consider the backsheet material and its different uses

A plastic liner for temporary use or replacement of gaskets.

The breathable pad extends the life of the skin to keep it dry and prevent irritation and rupture. These are ideal for healthy skin.

When the skin has begun to rupture and measures are taken to reverse the damage, the breathable pad can be dried to the maximum extent or used for air cushioning.

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Step 3: Consider size, backplane strength and color

The pad should extend 6 to 10 inches on either side of the containment area (body or hip width and width).

Note that color is usually a personal choice, but some manufacturers use color to indicate absorptive capacity and backing strength, so if the caregiver needs a different mat for different incontinent patients, it is easy to choose.

For patients who may need to move and place on a mat, it is recommended to use a strong disposable pad backing to avoid tearing or shearing. Look for terms such as "heavy support."

Application disposable bottom pad


For those who are incontinent, disposable mats are usually a daily necessity, but fortunately they are easy to use. Simply place on the bed or area of the furniture where the patient will sit or lie down and unfold from the center. The pad is unfolded and opened to cover a few inches outside the contact area. For example, if the patient is lying on a bed, the pad can be placed such that each side of the body is 6 to 10 inches from the edge. It should be under the pelvis below the lower back so that the pad protrudes below the middle of the patient's thigh.

Depending on the level of absorption, the mattress will hold and lock the urine while keeping the skin relatively dry. Check the moisture content regularly and follow the manufacturer's instructions to see when the gasket is fully saturated. When fully saturated, discard the pad and place a new mattress afterwards.

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